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rm Command Examples in Linux – Tec Geeks 

The rm command removes files and directories. You must use the -R option to recursively remove files, subdirectories, and the parent directory itself. Syntax The syntax of the rm command…

find Command Examples in Linux – Tec Geeks 

The find command enables you to search a specific location for files and directories that adhere to some search criteria. It recursively searches the directory structure, including any subdirectories and…


Basic nano Commands (Cheat Sheet) 

GNU nano is a small, user-friendly text editor that evolved from the Pico text editor created for Unix-like systems. It was added to the GNU Project shortly after its initial…


Basic vim commands (cheat sheet) 

The vim command invokes the Vim editor. However, the vi command may also be used for this purpose because it automatically redirects the user to Vim. When entered without a…