The groupadd command creates a group. By default, the group has no members and no passwords. In addition to creating a group with a friendly name, you can also specify a group ID using the -g option.

Below are associated configuration files:

  • /etc/group: Group account information.
  • /etc/gshadow: Secure group account info.
  • /etc/login.defs: Shadow password suite configuration.


The syntax of the groupadd command is:

# groupadd [options] {group names}

Some groupadd options include the below.

Option Used To Example
-f Assign a group ID. # groupadd -g 123 sales
-f Exit with success if group already exists # groupadd -f sales
-o Allow group creation with non-unique ID # groupadd -o -g 123 sales

groupadd Command Examples

1. To create a new group:

2. To show success status if the group already exists:

# groupadd -f SUPPORT
# groupadd --force SUPPORT

3. To specify the numerical group ID:

# groupadd -g 504 SUPPORT
# groupadd --gid 504 SUPPORT

4. To get the help info:

# groupadd -h
# groupadd --help

5. To specify the “/etc/login.defs” values:

# groupadd -K KEY=VALUE
# groupadd --key KEY=VALUE
# groupadd -K GID_MIN=100
# groupadd -K GID_MAX=499

6. To add a group with non-unique vale:

# groupadd -o 500 SUPPORT
# groupadd --non-unique 500 SUPPORT 

7. To specify the encrypted password for group:

# groupadd --password !$424733244%^12124 SUPPORT 

8. To create a system group:

# groupadd -r 499 SUPPORT