GNU zip (gzip) is a compression utility that reduces the size of selected files. Files compressed with gzip frequently have the .gz file extension. The gzip command has several options. These command options are described in the following table.

Option Used To
-d Reverse file compression (decompression).
-f Force compression or decompression of a file even if it has multiple links or if the file exists.
-n Omit saving the original file name and timestamp.
-N Save the original file name and timestamp.
-q Suppress all warnings.
-r Enable directory recursion during compression or decompression.
-v Display the name and percentage reduction of the compressed or decompressed file.
-t Perform an integrity check on the compressed file.


The syntax of the gzip command is:

# gzip [options] [file names]

The gunzip Command

The gunzip command is equivalent to issuing gzip -d at the command-line.

Compressing an archive file with gzip:


gzip Command Examples

1. To compress any file:

2. To decompress a file:

# gzip -d file.gz
# gzip --decompress file.gz
# gzip --uncompress file.gz

3. To see the compressed file content:

# gzip -c file.gz
# gzip --stdout file.gz
# gzip --to-stdout file.gz

4. To forcefully compress/decompress any file:

# gzip -f file
# gzip --force file
# gzip -d -f file.gz
# gzip -d --force file.gz

5. To not to save the original file name:

# gzip -n file
# gzip --no-name file

6. To save the original file name and time stamp:

# gzip -N file
# gzip --no-name file

7. To suppress all warnings:

# gzip -q file
# gzip --quiet file

8. To zip the files recursively:

# gzip -r /tmp
# gzip --recursive /tmp

9. To specify your own suffix instead of .gz:

# gzip -S .cz file
# gzip --suffix .cz file

10. To test the integrity of files:

# gzip -t file.gz
# gzip --test file.gz

11. To specify the speed for compression:

# gzip -1 file
# gzip --fast file
# gzip -9 file
# gzip --best file

12. To display the gzip license info:

# gzip -L
# gzip --license

13. To get the version info:

# gzip -v
# gzip --version

14. To list the help: