EZCONNECT is Oracle’s easy connect naming method. EZCONNECT eliminates the need for service name lookups in TNSNAMES.ORA files when connecting to an Oracle database across a TCP/IP network.

Syntax of EZCONNECT:

sqlplus username/[email protected][//]host[:port][/service_name]

To enable EZCONNECT “sqlnet.ora” should have naming methods “ezconnect” specified in NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH Parameter. “sqlnet.ora” is located in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin


NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH=(ezconnect, tnsnames)

EZConnect without command line password

Connecting without a password on the command line is very common in order to be prompted for a password such as with:

% sqlplus [username]/@[net_alias]

With the EZCONNECT naming adapter, the following similar syntax will fail with an ORA-12514 error:

% sqlplus [username]/@[hostname]:[port]/[servicename]

Based on parsing rules, the service name is being interpreted as the password. The supplied hostname is being interpreted as the SERVICE_NAME and therefore returning the ORA-12514 error.

In order to be prompted for a password while using the EZCONNECT naming adapter, use the following syntax:

% sqlplus [username]@"[hostname]:[port]/[service name]"