For performance reasons instead of using one large LVM volume, it might be replaced by multiple small striped (RAID0) volumes. There is no command to directly transform a single disk logical volume into a striped logical volume. This post will explain the procedure to perform the conversion.

Note: Before starting take a full backup of the volume or filesystem.

This procedure can be performed in a live system, without the need to reboot. The procedure consists in create a mirror between the original volume and the new striped volumes. Once the mirroring is completed, we can remove the original volume from the mirror leaving only the striped volumes.

To be able to perform the conversion, the number of logical extents (LE) in the LVM logical volume (LV) must be divisible by the number of physical volumes (PV) that will be used in the future striped LV.

Check the number of assigned LE:

# lvdisplay
 --- Logical volume ---
 LV Path                /dev/<VOLUME_GROUP>/<LOGICAL_VOLUME>
 LV Name                <LOGICAL_VOLUME>
 VG Name                <VOLUME_GROUP>
 LV UUID                <VOLUME_UUID>
 LV Write Access        read/write
 LV Creation host, time <HOSTNAME>, 2020-12-10 08:38:44 +0000
 LV Status              available
 # open                 1
 LV Size                <10.00 GiB
 Current LE             2559
 Segments               1
 Allocation             inherit
 Read ahead sectors     auto
 - currently set to     256
 Block device           252:0

In this case, the number of LE is 2559.

To know the number of needed LE, you can use:
le = number of assigned LE, from previous command (2559 in this case)
pv = number of striped PV to be used in future (ex: 5)

$ le=2559; pv=5; echo $((le%pv?(le/pv+1)*pv:le))

In this case one extra LE is needed. Example to extend the LV:

# lvresize --extents +1 /dev/<VOLUME_GROUP>/<LOGICAL_VOLUME> /dev/sdb
 Size of logical volume <VOLUME_GROUP>/<LOGICAL_VOLUME> changed from <10 GiB (2559 extents) to <10 giB (2560 extents).
 Logical volume <VOLUME_GROUP>/<LOGICAL_VOLUME> successfully resized.

After the LV is prepared proceed:

1. Add the new PVs to the LV creating a striped mirror. The number of stripes should be the number of PVs:

# lvconvert --type mirror -m 1 --mirrorlog core --stripes 2 /dev/<VOLUME_GROUP>/<LOGICAL_VOLUME> /dev/<PV1> /dev/<PV2> ... /dev/<PV5>

2. Remove the initial PV from the LV:


3. Remove the PV from LVM:

# vgreduce <VOLUME_GROUP> /dev/<INITIAL_PV>
# pvremove /dev/<INITIAL_PV>