Below page is displayed when going to the default location on the admin server port http://host:[PORT]/ and says “Welcome to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g”.

(where http://host:[PORT]/console or http://host:[PORT]/em is working and you do not want to allow users to backspace to the doc root location)

disable Oracle WebLogic Server Default Welcome Page

Note the port [PORT] is really only used for /em and /console, so one does not need the welcome page, nor any other page to replace it. When using Oracle Fusion Middleware products with Oracle HTTP Server (OHS), the default pages would actually be on OHS.

This is separate and in addition to the WLS default page. You would usually want to handle the page on OHS to a default page of your own, but the backend WLS default page is rarely used when you have a proxy handling things in front. However, you may want to disable the display if users attempt to request the root directory (/).

To disable the Oracle WebLogic Server Default Welcome Page you should:

1. Go to the Weblogic server administration Console.

2. In the Domain Structure go to Deployments, and then locate the “FMW Welcome Page Application (”, (screenshot below). Note: These applications are installed when you install a Fusion Middleware product

Then you may update, delete, or stop the application, restart weblogic admin server, clear browser cache and retest accessing / again.


Update the Application

If you choose to update the application, updating the Context Root to something other than “/” will achieve the effect of disabling the default page.

via Administration Console:

1. In Deployments Window, expand “FMW Welcome Page Application”.
2. An application named “/” is shown.
3. Click on it.
4. Then go to “Configuration” tab.
5. Scrolling down go to “Context Root” field.
6. Set for any entry different from “/” for instance “/nowelcomepage”
7. Restart AdminServer.

Delete the Application

If you choose to delete the application, it will remove the following from the domain’s config.xml (which you may also replace the fmw-welcome.ear with one of your own):

<name>FMW Welcome Page Application#</name>

Using Custom Static html page

You may also use a custom static .html page as the default (“/”) with the following steps:

1. Create a directory of your choice to manage your custom page. For example:

Linux: [path]/defaultwlspage
Windows: [path]defaultwlspage

2. Copy a custom .html file to this directory, e.g., name it default.html:

This location is not used, go to

3. Create a WEB-INF directory. For example:

4. Place a file called web.xml in this WEB-INF directory with the following contents:

5. Go to the Deployments page on WLS Console

6. Choose Install, and select the ‘defaultwlspage’ directory with a Context Root of “/”.

7. Ensure the the AdminServer is selected as the target to “Install this deployment as an application”.

8. Click Finish, and after deployment completes, click Activate Changes.

9. You should see the application started and can then access http://host:[PORT]/ to see your .html page.