As a DirectAdmin user, you can disable SSL functionality for the site, but you can’t enable it again. You must contact your host/log into the server with root credentials.

If you disabled the SSL functionality in Account Manager >> SSL Certificates >> Disable SSL, you will not be able to access again the Account Manager >> SSL Certificates area. You will get an error message:

Cannot Execute Your Request
SSL is not enabled for this domain
ssl not enabled
“SSL is not enabled for this domain” message

As of August 2021, there is no way to re-enable the SSL option from the GUI.

To enable the SSL option back for a specific domain, you will need to edit


and change the ssl option from




Now, the user will be able to access again the SSL interface for that domain.

In case the SSL option is disabled for the account (not for a particular domain), you can enable it from the DirectAdmin GUI or by editing the file


and changing the ssl option to ON.