The Problem

User is getting below error:

This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the hard limit for "maximum user processes" is set to at least 16384. (more details)
Expected Value
: 16384

The Solution

In order to change this system parameter:

– Kindly use ‘smit’ (AIX utility) to show or modify the current value of this kernel parameter. Please note that the below commands need to be verified and executed with AIX System Administrator.

$ su - root
Goto 'Systems environments'
Goto 'Change/Show Characteristics of Operating System'
Goto 'Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user'


– Using command line you can change this parameter:

Type the below commands:

# chdev -l sys0 -a maxuproc="16384"

Reboot the Server, in order to take changed parameter effective and check the same again with:

# lsattr -El sys0 -a maxuproc