When dealing with a lot of DokuWiki clients/sites, it’s easier to update the installations via the command line. DokuWiki doesn’t use MySQL databases, so the update consists only in downloading the new version and extracting the files. make a backup before starting the update.

To update DokuWiki from the command line:

1. Log into your server via SSH

2. Download the latest DokuWiki installation. The URL is https://download.dokuwiki.org/src/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-stable.tgz. If you want to customize the install go to https://download.dokuwiki.org/ and generate the download link. The link will look like https://download.dokuwiki.org/out/dokuwiki-b6722f2a5dc53ff8b034cb88737aabc2.tgz

3. Download the archive

wget https://download.dokuwiki.org/src/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-stable.tgz

4. Extract the files. The files will be extracted to the /dokuwiki/ directory

tar zxvf dokuwiki-stable.tgz

5. Copy the extracted files to the DokuWiki path:

cp -af dokuwiki/* /PATH_TO_DOKUWIKI/


cp -af dokuwiki/* /home/plothost/domains/demo.plothost.com/public_html/

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