lvchange command changes LV attributes in the VG, changes LV activation in the kernel and includes other utilities for LV maintenance. For example, you may use lvchange while removing a disk from a Volume Group. Below outlined steps, provide a procedure to remove a disk from VG.

Note: Backup the whole Volume Group either by the VM level snapshot or OS level LVM snapshot and make sure volumes can be restored from the snapshot.

1. If a Physical Volume has a Logical Volume bindings, therefore unmount the volume and destroy it is needed:

# umount [mount point]
# lvchange -a n [LV path]

2. Remove the Logical Volume:

3. Remove the Physical Volume from the Volume Group:

# vgreduce [volume group] [physical volume]

lvchange command examples

1. To control the availablability of logical volumes:

# lvchange -a LV00
# lvchange --available LV00
# lvchange -ay LV00  (To activate)
# lvchange -an LV00  (To deactivate)
# lvchange -aey LV00  (In Cluster - Activate in one node)
# lvchange -aly LV00  (In Cluster - Activate in local node)
# lvchange -aln LV00  (In Cluster - deactivate in local node)

2. To set or reset the contiguous allocation policy for logical volumes:

# lvchange -C y|n LV00
# lvchange --contiguous y|n LV00

3. To force the complete resynchronization of a mirror:

4. To set the minor number:

# lvchange --minor minor LV00

5. To start or stop monitoring a mirrored or snapshot logical volume with dmeventd:

# lvchange --monitor y|n LV00

6. To poll a logical volume to restart its previous incomplete transactions:

# lvchange --poll y|n LV00

7. To invoke lvchange from early system initialisation scripts (e.g. rc.sysinit or an initrd):

# lvchange --sysinit LV00

8. To disable udev synchronization:

# lvchange --noudevsync LV00

9. To make no attempt to interact with dmeventd unless –monitor is specified:

# lvchange --ignoremonitoring LV00

10. To set to y to make the minor number specified persistent:

# lvchange -M y|n LV00
# lvchange --persistent y|n LV00 

11. To change access permission to read-only or read/write:

# lvchange -p r|rw LV00
# lvchange --permission r|rw LV00

12. To set read ahead sector count of this logical volume:

# lvchange -r ReadAheadSectors|auto|none LV00
# lvchange --readahead ReadAheadSectors|auto|none LV00

13. To reload the logical volume metadata:

# lvchange --refresh LV00