PAC (Perl Auto Connector) is an open-source secure connection manager with automation. PAC is the alternate or replacement of SecureCRT/Putty in the Linux world. It provides a GUI to configure SSH/Telnet connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc.

Some of the important features

  • Simple GUI to manage/launch connections to remote machines.
  • Configurable [Pre|Post]-connection local commands execution.
  • Ability to connect to machines through a Proxy server!
  • CLUSTER connections.
  • TABBED/WINDOWED terminals
  • Wake On LAN capabilities

Installation Steps of PAC on Ubuntu 12.04/Ubuntu 13.04/Ubuntu 14.04

Step 1: Download the debian package of PAC.

$ sudo wget

Step 2: Now Install the PAC Debian package.

$ sudo dpkg -i pac-

The above command will not install pac package completely as it requires lot of other dependencies. So to resolve this problem, run the command mentioned in step3

Step 3: Install the PAC dependencies.

$ sudo apt-get install -f

After installing all the dependencies, pac manager is Now installed successfully.

Step 4: Access PAC Manager.

Open the terminal Type:


access pac ubuntu

pacamanger screen

Step 5. Now Add the Servers.

Click On —> Create New Group —> In My Case (NSIT) is Group Name.

Now Select NSIT Group —> then click on New Connections, enter name and click OK.

edit connection pac

Step 6: Access the Server.

Double Click on mail1 which is under NSIT group. If all the credentials are correct which is mentioned in above step, then we will get the server console like below.

server console pac