What is Puppet?

Puppet is a configuration tool that is used to automate administration tasks. Puppet Agent(Client) sends requests to Puppet Master (Server) and Puppet Master Push Configuration on Agent.

What is Manifests?

Manifests, in Puppet, are the files in which the client configuration is specified.

What is Module and How it is different from Manifest?

Whatever the manifests we defined in modules, can call or include into other manifests. Which makes easier management of Manifests. It helps you to push specific manifests on a specific Node or Agent.

Command to check requests of Certificates?

puppetca –list (2.6)
puppet ca list (3.0)

What is the command to sign Requested Certificates?

The commands are:

puppetca  –sign hostname-of-agent      ### (2.6)
# puppet ca  sign hostname-of-agent    ### (3.0)

Where Puppet Master Stores Certificates?

The Puppet Master Stores Certificates in the /var/lib/puppet/ssl/ca/signed directory.

What is Facter?

Sometimes you need to write manifests on conditional expression based on agent-specific data which is available through Facter. Facter provides information like Kernel version, Dist release, IP Address, CPU info and etc. You can define your facter also.

What is the use of etckeeper-commit-post and etckeeper-commit-pre on Puppet Agent?

etckeeper-commit-post: In this configuration file you can define command and scripts which executes after pushing configuration on Agent.
Etckeeper-commit-pre: In this configuration file you can define command and scripts which executes before pushing configuration on Agent.

What is Puppet Kick?

By default Puppet Agent request to Puppet Master after a periodic time known as “runinterval”. Puppet Kick is a utility that allows you to trigger Puppet Agent from Puppet Master.

What is MCollective?

MCollective is a powerful orchestration framework. Run actions on thousands of servers simultaneously, using existing plugins or writing your own.