Qemu Guest Agent has many features like shutdown/restart VM guest and also provides information about the VM guest. You can see basic information which is provided by qemu-guest-agent in Adminportal ( Compute –> Virtual Machines –> Click the VM –> Guest Info ).

This post will list the essential features that Qemu Guest Agent provides.

Qemu Guest Agent can provide below essential features:

1. Power cycle commands – shutdown, restart:

111 self.vm.log.debug("Shutting down with guest agent")
112 try:
113 self.vm.qemuGuestAgentShutdown()

2. List of active users: get a list of active users from the guest OS:

307 class ActiveUsersCheck(_RunnableOnVmGuestAgent)

3. VM Disk Information: Get file system information and disk mapping:

363 class DiskInfoCheck(_RunnableOnVmGuestAgent)

4. VM System Information:get the information about system configuration that does not change too often.

  • Hostname
  • OS version and architecture
  • Timezone

5. NetworkInterfacesCheck: get the information about network interfaces:

  • network interfaces
  • IP addresses