yEd(Graph Editor) is an open-source and powerful desktop application written in the Java programming language. yED is generally used to generate high-quality diagrams. It is an alternate or replacement of Microsoft Office Visio on Ubuntu Linux.

Key Features

  • Import your own data from an Excel / spreadsheet (.xls) or XML
  • Create diagrams with ease via an intuitive user interface.
  • Automatically arrange your diagram elements.
  • Export bitmap and vector graphics as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, SWF

Step 1: Download the yed software from the URL:


In my case I downloaded ‘’

Step 2: Run the Script using below Commands:

# chmod a+x 
# sh

After executing the script, follow the below instructions:

Ubuntu Linux – yED(Graph Editor) Alternate of Microsoft Office Visio

Click On Next.

yED(Graph Editor)

Click on Accept the Agreement & then click on Next

Step 3: Specify the directory where yed will be Installed.

Click on Next

Step 4: Once the Installation is Finished.

Click on finish.

Step 5: Now Access the yED:

# cd /home/nextstep4it/yEd/
# ./yEd