Xine is an open-source video/audio player in Ubuntu Linux, it comes under GPL license. xine plays MPEG system (audio and video) streams, MPEG elementary streams (e.g. .mp3 or .mpv files), MPEG transport streams Ogg files, avi files, asf files, QuickTime files, (S)VCDs and DVDs, and many more.

Some key features of Xine

Installation of Xine In Ubuntu

Open the Synaptic Package Manager, type Xine, as shown below:

synaptic xine

Select xine-ui and then click on apply.

Note: we can also install xine from the terminal using apt-get command, as shown below.

$ sudo apt-get install xine-ui

Now Access the Xine Player:

Xine Multimedia Software

Click on xine.

Play your favorite audio/video files by importing in xine player.

xine ubuntu